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  • Weight Loss Progress Update
    Saturday 10th of August 2013 01:14:07 PMThis is a quick post of my progress through pictures.  From around my highest weight through the start of my weight loss up to present day.  I was well over 300 lbs at some point, but my official starting weight on September 6th 2011 was 305 lbs.  My lowest weight recently has been 216 lbs, […]
  • My weight loss journey so far.
    Monday 26th of December 2011 11:37:24 PMI am 28 y/o and 5ft 11in. I weighed myself in August and I had finally crossed the 300lb mark (305lbs at 5ft 11in) for the first time in my life.  I had flirted with that weight for several years, but never crossed it to my knowledge.  But, I never was a fan of weighing […]
  • The 300 million dollar button – UI design
    Friday 7th of October 2011 09:06:38 PMA case that illustrates the potential value from (seemingly) small user interface decisions.
  • JavaScript and HTML5 canvas-based heatmaps
    Friday 22nd of July 2011 10:42:18 AMThis is a very slick use of JavaScript and HTML 5 to generate dynamic heatmaps. About heatmap.js heatmap.js is a JavaScript library that can be used to generate web heatmaps with the html5canvas element based on your data. Heatmap instances contain a store in order to colorize the heatmap based on relative data, which means […]